Monday, December 1, 2008

Cigarette as Woman

Traditionally, the smoking is considered a masculine habit, the feminization of smoking occurred in tandem with the advent of fashion brands or premium brands of cigarettes specifically marketed toward ladies who see the use of these brands as a way to increase their sexual appeal. Most often this is focused on young fashion-conscious professional ladies who are the target demographic for these brands, which are differentiated by slimness and added length over traditional brands of cigarettes.

These brands include decorative ones like Eve, marketed strictly toward women like Virginia Slims, or as evening-out styles like Sobranie Cocktail or Sobranie Black Russian. Many fashion houses have lent their name to cigarettes; Yves Saint Laurent is probably the most successful of these, however many other brands have been marketed, from time to time, in select international markets: Givenchy, Versace, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix and Cartier.

In the 1990s, makers created longer, 164 millimeter versions of several ladies' cigarettes. The famous pop diva Madonna used the brand Vogue name as the title of one of her very popular songs and she is also smoking it in her video. However, finding only a small niche market, the machines that produced them have since been dismantled. This cigarette is designed primarily for the female population

With the anti-smoking movement in the United States, cigarette manufacturers have turned to Asia, where there is a distinct market for female oriented brands, and to the nouveau riche in Russia.

Capri is a brand of cigarette produced by R. J. Reynolds. In 1987, it is the first widely-available cigarette having an extremely slim shape, at 17 mm in circumference and 100 mm in length, particularly marketed towards women as a way to increase their sexual appeal. The standard cigarettes are 25 mm in circumference, and slim cigarettes are 21 mm in circumference. Capri is available in regular and menthol light varieties, as well as regular and menthol ultra-light varieties.

Capri is also available in a 120 mm length, which the packaging describes as "luxury length."

More is a brand of cigarette directly marketed to women, with a dark brown wrapper.

This brand was introduced by RJ Reynolds in June 1975. It was initially tested in Oklahoma City in 1974. 'More' was the first successful 120 mm cigarette. It is sold in both the full flavor and menthol flavors. It is currently considered a niche brand by RJR, still sold, but not promoted by advertising. It is sold globally under license to various other tobacco companies. The brand has expanded to include 'light' styles in the form of both brown and white 120 mm and beige 100 mm styles.

In 2007, the Canadian market saw the addition of 120mm More cigarettes in two additional flavours: orange and whisky.

Virginia cigarettes are the first brand that was exclusively produced for women. This smoking product was declared as a symbol of freedom and self expression for ladies worldwide. Virginia Slims became very popular right from the moment of their appearance on the tobacco market. Women make it a part of their lifestyle, as it offers care and comfort every woman is looking for. Virginia Slims cigarettes are subtle in taste, that's why they are loved by a great number of users.An important place among premium female cigarettes is taken by Sobranie cigarettes, which are characterized as a high-quality brand. It's hard do deny, because Sobranie is a genuine high-end tobacco product that has no substitutes. This confirmed by thousands of women who have tried this delightful smoking product at least once.

Every modern woman tends to one thing - glamour. And namely for ladies, Gallagher company has created Glamour Cigarettes.

Glamour cigarettes are one of the most successful ladies' brand that the company has created. Due to the attractive design and delightful taste, this brand has become a daily accessory for a lot of smoking women.

This product fits even the smallest handbags. Glamour will always astonish with its delicacy and luscious outer design.

Greece is famous for its mythological past all over the world. Indeed, Karelia cigarettes have

originated from “Kasetina” - a typical brand of classic Greek cigarettes. “Kasetina” was an inspiration to producers, when creating the package for George Karelias and Sons cigarettes.

Karelia cigarettes are famous for their modern taste. Karelia is celebrated as a premium tobacco brand by smokers from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Africa and South America. Karelia Slims is a cigarette brand that illustrates the elegance and freedom of women.

Lady cigarettes are available in the following range: Lady Diamond, Lady Rose and Lady Menthol.

Every detail of Lady cigarettes was created with admiration and care for smoking women; Lady brand is a real female thing. The special filter on Lady cigarettes is also “unique”. And last but not least is their super slim design.

As the producer stated, this cigarette brand was created as a tribute to all stylish women who appreciate their identity and exclusiveness.

Vogue brand is ideal in its taste and design. This tobacco product is exclusive in all and will never be compared or replaced by any lady cigarettes. Smoking Vogue is enjoyable, aromatic and subtle.

The logo of Vogue cigarettes represents a frond, which is stylishly repeated on the inner part of the pack’s top.

Vogue cigarettes are fashionable and stylish. The design of Vogue packs has a sense of elegance and beauty.


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